Dreamkeep's Mirrors

Jump Space, M.E 1
Grey. The blandness of Jump Space is disturbed by a single ripple..and then a thousand, a million points of light ignite in the blankness.

A single word “Return”.

More ripples. First Wrath. Then Doubt, Despair, Greed. Arrogance. Pride. They barely take a second to register the others, and dive towards the moving points of light.

Greed reaches one first. His hand envelops one of the shards, obliterating it, and that which it contained utterly.

-Unnamed World – , M.E 90.
An uninhabited, airless world. Millions of Tower soldiers swarm across it towards a single huge figure. This green monstrousity bellows defiance, leaping fist first into a Tower construct.

Behind him, an androgynous human in the livery of the tower gently touchs the monster on the shoulder, and then disappears.

The Final Library, M.E 95
You cannot enter this mirror directly.
A skeletal hand scribbles furiously, scribing spell after spell into a slim book without end.
Outside, mages prepare a futile defence as the land around whitens.

The Ninth Circle of Hell, M.E 255 (You cannot enter this mirror directly).
Planar connections strain and snap, sealing Hell finally from the rest of the multiverse. This is not a cause for celebration.

Fierna’s armies desperately fight their way through the controlled Cania in order to come to the aid of Asmodeus. At the ultimate depths of existence, the greatest monsters lie in wait. And they rise in their terrible power. Devlish entities of apocalyptic heraldry stir in the stygian silt, and surely even hell should quail. Behind them all, the last two Devilish Lords wait – the Lady Fierna and the Prime Evil, Asmodeus himself.

Descending from Cania, legions of ivory clad crawling fortresses. A hundred thousand disembodied hands drag themselves down the pit from the icy layer, even sheathed in protective Ivory and speckled with Towers. Leaping ahead of them, the Sins of Wrath and Devastation crash into abyssal muck, their outstretched hands tearing through agents of multiversal doom as if they were nothing.

On a field of destroyed Evils, Asmodeus stands alone, facing Wrath, Devestation, and the Perfect Sin.

Hell fades to white, as the last flecks of tormented ruby fade.

Maelrhyss 255
Heroes stand in conclave on the roof of Maelrhyss’ great library. On the horizon, nigh infinite armies of clones march across the broken plains of the Beastlands. Above them, winged draconic minions of Wrath soar, freed from their war in hell, rendered tiny in comparision to the great ivory warships hanging ominously. Behind them, standing on air and power, the Sins watch.

But Maelrhyss is not without its defences. Ten million Kreen stand in the streets, shoulder to shoulder with dragons and kobolds. Dancing in the air around them, fae vortexes and sprites shudder and twist, reality bending around them. Behind the portal to Heaven, Raziel’s army waits, Angels and Eladrin waiting for a call. Above Maelryhss, an ancient, battered warship sits with her newer siblings. And descending from above them, Spelljammers of the Illithid and Kreen navies. Elven and Scro ships fade in and out, transfering reinforcements from the Warded Prime Worlds. Floating almost serenly above them, the sleek, dangerous warships of the Maelrhyssian Skyguard and the veteran Shadow Fleet keep the skies clear of Tower assault…and above even them, the terrifing power of the Penumbra waits.

And standing alone, slightly lost amidst the armies, Lust and Fierna play casual games of coercion to pass the time. Elsewhere, Coterie rests her head on Korae’s shoulder, as they play Civilisation Dice. And Greed steps forward ahead of the the path into the city, shaking his head as the Swordsaints move into step with him.

Thousands of miles behind, the Beast Courts lead the Shardborn from thousands of Prime Worlds to relieve the siege. They will never arrive in time, but the Perfect Sin is well aware that they are coming.

The Perfect Sin impels his forces foward. As one, billions charge.


Completed Mirrors
These timelines may be entered and exited at will

Farathia, M.E 0
A full set of princely lips fills the mirror, at the moment immediately before Happily Ever After.

The World of the Magistracy, M.E 2.
Distracted by the fall of Ashuan, the Tower forces retreat. Pride manages to extract the damaged prototype golem, withdrawing from Blackbrook.

Ana’lathe, reunited with Ciele,leaves the world, stepping through a portal to a world of forests.

Above the planet, suddenly unopposed, sleek forms settle into orbit, and the Shadow Fleet prepares to fire. At the last moment, the weapons power down – the Shard of the Caregiver reaches Aethan and makes him aware of the presence of hundreds of lesser Shards drawn to the world of the Magistracy, alongside the Shard of the Eleventh Hour.

On the planet, Shah Mat takes up the shard of the Eleventh Hour and waves an unrelenting guerrilla war against the Tower forces.

The Celestial Host, M.E 10
Raziel and Keriath argue constantly, the increasingly irate pair being talked down by Pistis Sophia. Aware of the Tower now, Heaven’s armies join the Maelrhyssians in fortifiying the approaches to Celestia and Arboria.

With it clear to Raziel that Danara has taken the Sealed Triumvirate, the Celestial Paragon broods.

Maelrhyss, meanwhile, prepares its defences – long abandoned skyship towers are once more pressed into use, and construction begins on a new Last Song warship.

Torhel, M.E 16

A solitary Tower rises deep admidst an unexplored wilderness, soaring unopposed to the height of nearly a mile.
Outside, a blindfolded woman tries to hold back the tide of Tower clones, aided by Ana’lathe.
Hundreds of miles away, the blue skinned Ciele rallies feuding kingdoms, preparing them to assault the single tower.

Korae sits with the escaped Coterie, talking with her, teaching her. Gradually, she begins to understand.

((Phlogiston)),Kreen Space M.E 95

The Dirge rides in high anchor around the Swarmmind’s palatial orbitting station. Kreen forces following Kim’s orders scour it of Tower invaders.

Of Greed, there is no sign.

Athas M.E 95

Brandis recovers, slowly. Follows an ancient, blind psionic out of the desert, where he is taken in by a powerful slave tribe. Gradually recovering his memories (and aided by a teenaged girl with ridiculous richs), he brings together further slave tribes and prepares to assualt Uruk.

North of the tablelands, a decade long battle is waged between the inumerable legions of the Thri-Kreen and a pair of collosal monsters. Two of Briarius’ Hekatonkhire attempt to smash their way through the hordes ahead of them, while the Sin of Consumption desperately forces more and more swarms to preserve his own existence.

In Bodach, the shattered palace slowly – so slowly – rebuilds itself. A vast unhealing scar mars the perfection – the result of the death of the Hekatonkhire that fought Doubt.

Paradisio, Postive Energy adjacent Demiplane, M.E 142

A garden of true beauty. Life burbles everwhere, with groves of stunning trees and flowers of every concievable colour.
Among creatures from hundreds of thousands of worlds, unclad humans and elves dance, happy and naive.

All those touched by Paradisio can never be claimed by death.
On the ‘northern’ border of the plane, a mass of crumbling Ivory is all that remains of Greed’s flagship, smashed into the valley that is the only exit out of Paradisio by the tides of the Postive Energy Plane. The insides of the great masses shielding the centre occasionally spark as they absorb energy.

Lyrhan, M.E 156

At the Shrine of the Tripartite Sword, the abandoned Half-Merryn stands, takes a steadying breath, and dives into the water.

Queen Gloriana the 85th of the name rails at her armies and ministers, both for the losses they took defeating the Marquisse and allowing Pride to control her. Ever greater draconian measures are put in place to placate her growing paranoia and control the populace of her ever shrinking island.

And under the ocean, the pirate half merryn brings together the handful of survivors of the Marquisse and takes her city as her own, growing a dedicated, vengeful army under the waves.

The Penumbra, M.E 150

Amidst the ruins of the Bright Kingdom, the cityship Penumbra lurks. Shadow fleet vessels and the Maelrhyssian Skyguard defend her as the Erl King Van Haus powers up his ancient vessel.

Although the defences of the ‘planet’ are shattered, the Tower is unable to gain any meaningful foothold on the spinning debris of the planetary shell, leaving only their fleet to attempt to gain access to the system. Between Shadow Fleet and the Maelrhyssians, the Tower fleet is facing a difficult struggle of push past. This only becomes harder as Spelljammers from the Illithid, Elven, and Kreen navies (protected by Keirna’s virus) join the defence. The Tower forces are finally defeated as entirely unlooked for, several hundred Scro Empire ships enter the system, firing in disciplined passes against previously undefeatable Tower City-Class capital ships lurking at the edge of the Crystal Sphere.

With much of their senses blinded, the Tower is unable to detect to a single small planetary plate, on which forces following Aethan and Keriath have created stockpiles and shelters for the stored knowledge (and much of the remaining city-sentience) of the now destroyed Bright Kingdom.

Resolved, but cannot be entered (The mirriors simply aren’t present anymore.)
Khrall, ????

An impossibly attractive..woman? Man?…stands on the edge of a precipice. S/he stares down at the lights of a vast city, studded with towers of Ivory.
Far beneath, in the city itself, a broken man is dragged forward towards a gathering, Tezzerich and Wrath among them. There is a sense of great anticipation.
A hundred ragged men and women charge, trying desperately to rescue the captive, but are slaughtered almost instantly.

The Woman/Man above sighs. S/he is obviously deeply at odds with herself.

The World of the Tower, M.E 255

A vast area of ivory streets, entirely empty. A sense of foreboding and trust.

A room, flaring with broken energy. Gathered around it, in small groupings and alone, every Sin. Tezzerich’s timelost clones try to pool their energies, and even Tori is present, albeit at a significant distance to her estranged kin.

They focus on an immense force of eternal annhilation at the centre of the chamber.

Outside, descending from the eternally black sky, a force of enraged vengeance and endless flame.

Lyrus descends, bringing all of the rage of Loss and the Mythos with him.

Dreamkeep's Mirrors

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