The ocean world is finally over and done with. :P.

Amulet:- Allows for control over water (essentially per Telekinesis). The theoretical upper limit of this control is unknown, but it takes incredible amounts of practice to move more than 5 cubic feet of water per every 5 levels.

With practice, this water can be utlised to create a shield, as well as other potential operations.

The Tripartite Sword:-
Longsword + 7. The sword always does maximum damage (IE, 15, or 45 on a critical strike, plus any strength modifier).

However, if the sword misses, then roll a second attack roll. If this hits, then the sword of Essence hits the enemy instead – this removes d3 spells (starting from the highest level) from the target. If they have no spells, they instead take d6 int damage.

If the Sword of Essence misses, then roll a third attack roll. If this third attack roll hit, then the Sword of Shadows strikes the target. It deals 2d8 Negative Energy damage instead of rolling normal damage.

The Sword of Essence may only be triggered once per attack action (no matter how many times you miss during that attack action)., and if it would be triggered a second time, it automatically will trigger the Sword of Shadows if it is still available.
The Sword of Shadows may only be triggered once per attack.

Secondly, the Tripartite Sword may be used to sever bonds as Universal Solvent. If it is drawn, the wearer cannot be constrained or hindered by any effect below Divine. (Note that certain care needs to be taken with clothing and any objects you wish to keep sealed on your person).. This is essentially a superior, epic, Freedom of Movement.

Thirdly, the sword may be used against unattended objects 3/day, functioning as a 20th level disintegrate spell. IF this fails to destroy the object, the wielder permanently loses 1 HP per hit dice.

Finally, the sword may be used once to sever any connection between two entities. This connection (And, indeed, the entities), may be physical, abstract, or even unknown (although in this case, it must be described carefully).

Gestalt:- Army of Light

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