The Realms of the Gestalt

Celestia:- The Shining Heaven, home of the Lawful Good Celestials and Gods. A mountain ascending into pure light surrounded by an ocean of once shimmering perfection, that is now rotting.

Arborea:- The Olympian Glade, a realm of twilight forests and soft seas. Once full of the songs and entertainments of the elves and the Eladrin – the chaotic Celestials. Now a realm still scarred by eons of war during the exile and shattered pockets of time.

Maelrhyss:- A barbarian kingdom from the demiplane of Cauldron. Was saved by Keriath when Cauldron was destroyed. A kingdom of fens and secretive tiny villages. Made up of three peoples – humans, kobolds, and dragons. Oddly for a barbarian kingdom, has a great love of learning and has produced unparralleled engineers. Pioneered the elementally powered flying ships used by Malachii during his great war.

Aurora:- Malachii’s nation on Cauldron. By the end, was a monolithic psionic nation with technology far in advance of any other area of creation.

Cauldron:- a now destroyed demiplane. Once existed in a bubble of accelerated time (to the extent that decades on Cauldron were only seconds elsewhere). Was destroyed by the sacrifice of the Inevitables – ancient constructs that maintain the fabric of existence – and the Le Shay – fae creatures that precede the dawn of time – using the Plane of Ysgard as a bomb.

The Realms of the Gestalt

Gestalt:- Army of Light AlastairMeek