The Minions of the Tower

Known Sins.

Tezzerich :- The Sin of Time (Deceased, although still somewhat active due to Time silliness)
Damyro, the Steel Dragon:- The Sin of Wrath
Ashirya:- The Sin of Devastation (Imprisioned)
Tori, The Sin of Lust (Traitor)
Ashuan the Godslayer, The Sin of Arrogance.
Malbogan, The Sin of will (Possibly killed by Kim)

The Sin of Doubt.
The Sin of Consumption.
The Sin of Pride.
The Sin of Greed, Boranous.


Clone Soldiers: – The least of the Tower. Simple human forms, very little combat ability. Issued with blackpowder weapons.

Overseers:- Hooded and robed, the presence of these clones dramatically increases the threat of the Clone Soldiers. They seem to act as a relay between the lower ranks and the Tower proper. HAve some limited magical ability.

Wrath Minions (Devastation/Wrath) – Eyeless humanoid tanks of muscle and sinew. Each has six swords embedded in it, and is capable of instantly engaging each and every person that considers it even briefly. The minions themselves are the swords, not the hulk they are controlling.

Greed Minions (Greed/Consumption) – Immense obese men. They are blinded by their rippling folds of fat, and likely share their master’s defences.

The Coterie (Lust) – Bruised and beaten girls and young women, the Coterie seem to mostly serve as a pressure valve within the Tower. However, as they are present at critical military facilities, they must serve another function.

Timelost (Tezzerich) – It is unclear whether these are clones of Tezzerich, his past/future selves, or something drawn from alternate timelines. They are vastly weaker than he is, but still demonstrate some of his control of time.

The Minions of the Tower

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