Arborea during the Exile.

Joy in Adversity

Eladrin and peaceable humans once danced across the thousand glades of Arboria. Under twilight trees and friendly stars, music rose and there was joy.

The Demons came, dragged in their masses by the great engines of Malachii. They overran all of Arboria within years. There was little resistance. The Eladrin do not fight like Archon. Only Gwnyharraf fought, at the entrance to the Court of Stars. She allowed all that the Eladrin had preserved to be evacuated, and she decapitated the Tanarii command.

While Shiere Knights readied their glass armoured and spoke words of blessing to their steeds, Coere overflew the hordes of the Abyss. Firre reassured the once mortal inhabitants as they retreated into endless woods. Noviere killed demons stupid enough to venture into Oceania by the unnumbered mass. And the Ghaele returned from across all of existence, bringing with them strange devices and weapons. Only those sworn to Ahanon remained in the universe, such was the outrage the Eladrin felt. The Tulani took council with the Court of Stars.

The Demons built fortresses out of the heaped and tormented trees of the plane. They roared their hatred into the trees. And though there were more of them than leaves on all the trees of Arboria, the Eladrin waited, watched.

Ghaele inflitrated the ranks of the armies, placing their artifacts were they would serve good the most. The Shiere mounted their steeds. Coere formed into Choirs, and the Firre put down their lutes and fifes, and began instead to practice the songs of war.

The Seldarine took to the field. The Elven Dead marched. Eilistraee, reconcilled at the last, called her faithful to her, and the armies of Arvandor strode out of blessed Twilight alongside repentant Drow. This was not within the Shadow Angel’s Expectations, and so he was forced to abandon his other campaigns. Along with the Goddesses Shar and Lolth, he took the field against the elves personally. The scar of their battle remains to this day. The Eladrin refuse to countance cleansing it, as to do so would be great dishonour to the Goddess of Dance’s martyrdom. She and the goddess of spiders remain there to the end of time, if the Court of twilight have anything to do with it. Of all those who fought that day, only two escaped.

The Eladrin were ready, and as one, the celestial fae charged the strongest concentration of the demonic. Balor looked upon the charge and laughed, for they were within an impenetrable fortress, secured against all incursion, no matter how magical in might it was. But their laughter died, as led by their Tulani leaders, the Eladrin shimmered into light, and dipped into the ground, their charge exploding as a geyser into the centre of the hellish army.

Other concentrations of hell’s might had been the target of the Ghaele. As suited each, they revealed themselves and the tricks they had learnt from the Prime and the Wheel. Magics not seen in Celestial Warfare tore across the Arborial skies. And Malachi, seeing that his hellish forces could not contain the wrath of the Eladrin, sealed the Glades away.

What he could not realise, could not know as he fled his own prison, was that his magics and that of the Ghaele tore the plane apart behind him. In a microcosm of what would come to the rest of existence, time shattered across all of Arboria. The Eladrin charge faltered as brother found himself seperated from brother by a gulf of years and metres. Courts watched in horror as elven allies aged to dust mere inches away from them.

And the demons were not yet defeated. In pockets of time isolated, they bred and grew, striking out in suicidal attacks as the years passed. Whole Courts focuses on guarding the borders of these areas. Many of the longer lived – Ghaele, Tulani, and Shiradi – took it upon themselves to dive into time broken lands, attempting to rescue those trapped. Even uncounted millenia later, there are still discoveries of those trapped in fearsome battles that took place during the Eladrin Charge. There are those for whom time passes so fast that it is impossible to return. The Shiradi fell prey to an insidious scheme by the Balor Scarathanthras, and almost to a race, were annihilated as he lured them into time where whole ages passed in seconds.

Slowly, the Eladrin fought back. Slowly, time fragements were cleansed, marked off or reinhabitated. The most powerful of the courts poured their magics into rebalancing the planes. Morwel was consumed, but brought the worst imbalances closer to what should be. Faerinaal continued her work until his death.

The Tulani could never equal their paragons, but they merged their powers, and brought them to bear. The heads of the courts shrank the time differences even more, collapsing one after another. But they suceeded. They brought the differences down to multiples of years, not millenia.

And so, leaderless, but unbowed, Arboria’s exile ended with Malachi’s death.


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