Zariel - Claw


Mr Paine ( Intelligent Weapon, True Neutral) Ego:- 55.
Int:- 19
Wis:- 18
Cha:- 19
Spellcraft:- 30
Knowledge:- Classical History:- 20

Claw :- 1d6 + 5, holy, shock, Icy Burst.
detect magic at will,
daze mosnter 3/day,
dismissal 1/day,
invisibility purge 3/day,
gust of wind 3/day,
locate creature 3/day,

Zariel (Trapped soul, Lawful Evil). Ego:- 50.
Int:- 20
Wis:- 26
Cha:- 30
Bluff:- 30
Sense Motive:- 30
Knowledge Planes:- 20.
Knowledge Warcraft:- 15

Zariel will not allow the item she is in to be used as a weapon.

Even in a claw, Zariel may cast spells as a 20th level evil cleric (With the evil, war, and pain domains). She cannot do so unless she is allowed to by the wielder or wins a domination check (although in this case, she also has to oppose Mr Paine, who will add his ego to the wearer).

1/episode, Zariel can summon -as a swift action – her armour around the wielder, although this will fail if the wielder is not in a humanoid, medium form. It briefly encases the wearer in a shield of force, preventing one attack, and replacing any armour or outerclothing worn by a suit of spiky, somewhat taunting plate armour – although it is shaped somewhat by the expectations of the wearer.

This is a +5 suit of Full Plate comprised of the following items:-
Helm:- A fanged deviless face that snarls and moves independant of the wearer. while made of metal, it is a soft and fits over the wearer’s own face.See Invisibility, Deathwatch. Evil Visage:- +4 Intidimate, Wearer is treated as Evil.
Sabatons:- A pair of shoulder guards that descend over the upper arms and curve around the neck. Whenever an opponent hits the wearer in melee, they take 10 Vile damage.
Corselet:- Reduce the Int of all opponents by 8 for the purpose of decision making only.
Armoured skirt:- A split chain skirt that seems to flow with the movement of the wearer, seeming to shift aside to offer openings for attack and then twisting around the weapons of the enemy. Freedom of Movement. All other Freedom of Movement effects within 100 feet are supressed unless they have a caster level greater than 20. In addition, attempts a sunder with +15 to the roll on any melee weapon that hits.
Boots:- +30 feet ground movement. Descrate the ground they step on. No armour check penalty.

The wearer may banish any item as a free action, although their original armour will not return until the whole set has done so. Each item banished reduces the total armour bonus by 2.

Zariel may be instructed not to summon this. She may even listen.



A previous lord of hell, called Hell’s Strategist, Zariel deliberately comes across to many as a particularly vapid Eryines.

She took advantage of this as much as she could. However, in the aftermath of the Eladrin crusade, she was punished by Asmodeus and given as a plaything and powersource to Bel.

And there she stayed throughout all the long wars. The Blood War did not touch her. The Auroran and Maelrhyssian assaults did not find her. Even Shadow Fleet when it harrowed hell did not free her.

Until Raziel’s assault, when a group of adventurersome celestials and a dragon found her. Blessed her with reincarnation as a celestial. Realised that this was a bad idea, and imprisoned her in a sword (and then quickly transfered her to an intelligent claw).

Her thoughts on this are unknown. It’s probable that no one would want to ask her.

Mr Paine:-
Very little is known about the persona within Keirna’s claw. It will lecture at length about spellcraft and history, but reveals nothing of itself, other than that it was once a teacher.

He doesn’t appear to overly object to sharing the claw with Zariel.

Zariel - Claw

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