The Sealed Triumvirate


The First Piece:-

All in contact with the wearer take 3 fire and 3 holy damage at the beginning of their action. No saves.

This effect can be supressed at will.

Resonance 1:- Double the damage to 6 fire and 6 holy. The range increases to 30 feet against evil creatures, and Energy Resistance does not apply.

The Second Piece:-

May cast Message to any Archon or Eladrin on the same plane.

Resonance:- May implant a suggestion into that message. No saves apply. May not affect a Celestial of significantly higher status than the user (Percentage chance of failure).


The Sealed Triumvirate was sealed long, long ago – long enough ago, apparently, that a paladin from long-hidden Earth could be the guardian of one of its pieces.

Why exactly Heaven decided it should be split into three pieces and hidden away is unknown.

It is made of white jade and blue emerald, with carved letters picked out in some less easily identfiable dark red matieral.

The first and second pieces bear the following inscription, in a series of lines.
This inscription is in Celestial.
(GMS Addendum – Sorry, I can’t work out any way of getting the proper shape. If I do, I’ll put up a picture)

For all unknowing, we defy and we create that which can save. Seal Eternal.
A story told time time and again. Not song or life can stay the genocide.
Only Darkness Untold can be enough for the rage of the sons of
Glory, joy, hope,light, life, we call to all in vain.
Let the Light Order be ended and forever
Flames Devour and Rise.
We Are the End.

The Sealed Triumvirate

Gestalt:- Army of Light AlastairMeek