The Body of Light

Set item


+5 Holy Avenger Weapon Gem (as Holy Avenger otherwise, but no function at all for a non-paladin).
You may choose to spend your Daily Smites to maximise your usage of Lay on Hands to heal. In addition, you may also Lay on Hands without taking an action if you would drop below 0 hit points.

Resonance 1:- +1 Enhancement bonus, Holy becomes Holy Power.
Resonance 2:- +1 Enhancement bonus. Against Evil Outsiders and those outside of existence, the weapon (If one handed) counts as one size catagory larger. If the weapon is two handed, instead it can be wielded in one hand.
Resonance 3:- +1 Enhancement bonus. Bane against all evil outsiders.

The Dragon’s Right Eye:-
Replaces your right eye.
See Invisibility, see in magical darkness, Cannot be Flanked or sneak attacked.

Resonance 1:- Immune to Illusions.
Resonance 2:- Fear Gaze – those who meet your gaze are shaken (DC 20+your Cha modifier to resist).
Resonance 3:- Once per day per point of charisma modifer, you may reroll an attack roll. Double your critical threat range for this reroll.


The Body of Light is a collection of gems that empowered the arms and armour of a series of paladins of Earth-Before-It-was-lost. It has interested a number of sages in that obscure and otherwise insignificant planet that these heroes, despite apparently being seperated geographically and temporally, each had items that together empower each other.

It implies some force of Good had once had plans for Earth. Given that at least two of these heroes have been tasked with guarding The Sealed Triumvirate, it is possible that creating such faithful guardians was the limit of that plan.

Or perhaps not.

The items are:-
Galadhad’s Purity.
The Dragon’s Right Eye
The Spear of Gilgamesh.

The Body of Light

Gestalt:- Army of Light AlastairMeek