Terminus is a greatsword that does Negative Energy Damage instead of the base damage of the weapon (Any additional damage from strength is physical).

This damage will never result in healing, even on an Undead, and can explictly affect entities that would not normally take negative damage.

Terminus is a Legacy Weapon, but it does not need significant ritual to attune to, only usage.

On taking the Minor Legacy feat and permantly reducing your hitpoints by 10, the sword gains the following. (In all cases, use the most advanced version of the sword’s abilities).
The Sword becomes + 2. (Enhancement bonuses on the sword add to the negative damage).

Death is Mutable:- While at rest, Terminus resets to the form of an immense Greatsword, while in use it can take the form of any one or two handed melee weapon. It uses that weapon’s statistics, except the basic damage is negative.

Above Fate:- Whenever you roll a natural 1 on an attack using Terminus, you permanently lose 1 hitpoint.

Inevitability:- Whenever you strike an opponent whom Terminus cannot hurt, reduce their resistance or damage reduction (whichever is preventing you from harming them) by 1, permanently. IF they have an ability that makes them immune to negative energy, it is destroyed unless the target makes a DC 15 Will save. If they pass, it is supressed for a round.

(In progress – Terminus will also grant several spell like abilities, someone remind me)

On taking the Legacy Feat, and giving up 5 more hitpoints, Terminus gains the following.
Terminus is now a +3 Weapon.

Death Is Mutable :- In addition to the minor ability, Terminus may be wielded as a reach weapon (even if the chosen weapon type does not normally have reach). In addition, you may wield Terminus as a missile weapon.

Above Fate:- In addition to the minor ability, whenever you roll a natural one on an attack with Terminus, that attack is not a botch.

Inevitablity:- The Will save DC becomes 20.

(In progress – Terminus will also grant several spell like abilities, someone remind me)

On taking the Major Legacy Feat and giving up 1 hitpoint per hitdice (including any hitdice you gain in the future), Terminus gains:-
Terminus is now a +5 weapon.

Death is mutable :- In addition to the Minor and Legacy abilities, you may generate ammunition at the cost of 1 hitpoint per shot for non-compex ammunition, or 4 hitpoints per shot for advanced ammunition (IE, any ammo that has its own rules). Loading the weapon in this way is not an action.

Unstoppable Reaper:- Terminus’ wielder is not incapatitated at 0 hitpoints, and must be reduced to -20 hitpoints before dying.

Aura of Entropy:- Terminus may be banished into an aura around the wielder as an action, and may be resummoned as a move action. While Terminus is an aura, all healing and effects that would restore hitpoints are inverted. (Epic spells and Miracles of gods opposed to Terminus have a 75% chance of still working normally).

Above Fate:- As above, but whenever you roll a 1 on an attack roll, the attack hits automatically.

When you take the Epic Legacy feat and give up 1 hitpoint per hitdice, Terminus gains the following:-
Terminus gains +1 enhancement for ever 4 levels you have above 20.

Death Is Mutable :- In addition the above, Terminus may be used as a ranged weapon with a range of Sight, regardless of form. (Although if it is, then strength may not be added to the damage) and only one target may be attacked).

Above Fate:- As above, but no hitpoint loss.

Unstoppable Reaper:- Whenever you roll a 20 for a check or kill an opponent with Terminus, gain d10 temporary hitpoints. These may take you over your current maximum, up to a total of double your maximum hitpoints. . You must be carrying Terminus to gain this effect. These fade after 1 hour.

Inevitablity:- The Will Save becomes 30, and the DR/ER drops by 5 rather than 1.

Bane of Creation:- Terminus may be used to destroy a Soulwell. It is unknown what will happen to the sword after it does, but it will almost certainly be empowered wildly.



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