Righteousness Powers


These powers can be used once per Episode (Usually once per session, but sometimes episodes will be more than one session long).

You will gain and lose access to them as your connection to the Righteousness of heaven alters, and each reflects the invioble core of good within every Celestial – Moving away from this, either via refusal to deal with trauma or simple attempt to be rebellious and edgy WILL lose you access to abilities.

On the other hand, being an exemplar of good will increase your options, although not the numbre of uses.

Each ability has set mechanics, but a character MUST customise the description for themselves. Sacrifice costs are as Statistic drain, but cannot be healed and will last until the end of the episode.


Heaven’s Power:- You gain an Exalted bonus to strength equal to one quarter of your basic+inherant strength. This takes an action to activate, and lasts until the end of the scene or combat.
Strength of Good:- As a swift action, double a physical attribute modifer for one action (a full attack is one action) :- IE, a str modifer of +8 becomes +16 for an attack action, or a dex modifer of +4 becomes +8 for one reflex save.
Rage of the Celestials:- Line 100 feet long, doing 1d6 damage per point of charisma modifer you have. This is a full round action, and penetrates walls as if it was Divine Blast.
Hand of Heaven:- As a standard action, make one attack roll. If it hits, it is a critical. In addition, all damage dealt may be holy if you wish.
Rage, Focused:- Multiple Round action. For each round spent focusing, add +2 to either strength or dexterity, or your casting stat (IE, Int, Wis, Cha). This lasts until the end of the scene. Taking damage interrupts the focus – it does not end the bonus, but you cannot continue to gain bonuses.
Blessed Fury:- Swift Action. Until the end of the turn, all of your damaging spells are either maximised or Energy Admixtured:- Holy.

Martyrdom:- Requires a spelllike teleport, planeshift, or Dimension door (or similar ability). As a swift action, you interpose yourself between an enemy and an ally. This ability may not be used if the enemy started the turn in melee range. This will switch any target for any physical attack or ray/touch spell.
Shield of Faith:- Swift action. Surround yourself and up to a 10foot circle with a sphere of force. This lasts until your next turn. Sacrifice:- 2 con.
Will of Heaven:- Perfectly counter one attempt to magically or mentally alter your will. (To be clear – this functions up to and including reality revisions with wish, but would not prevent magic physically preventing you – for example, even a Wish couldn’t make you attack an ally, but telekinesis could). Sacrifice:- 2 Cha.
Tenacity of Heaven:- Multiple round action. For each round focused, increase your AC and SR by 2. This is an exalted bonus that stacks with itself. In addition, each ally within 30 feet will also have their AC and SR increased by 2. All items you wear gain +30 to resist sunder attempts.Taking damage interrupts the focus – it does not end the bonus, but you cannot continue to gain bonuses.
Denial:- Swift Action. Your will forces an incoming spell or area affect to affect you and only you. You may not take reflex or fortitude saves against the effect, although if you are a Kensai you MAY Withstand or Epic Withstand. Sacrifice:- 2 Con (If you are a Kensai only), cost paid after effect resolves.

Blessed Words:- All Allies within a mile are blessed. They gain +2 Exalted bonus to attack rolls, damage, and all saves for every 5 levels you have. In addition, they are immune to fear. Full round action.
My Life for you:- Action:- Return to life an ally who died no more than one round ago. They are returned on 1 hitpoint and are protected by a body sized sphere of force until their next action. You are reduced to a (stable) – 1 hitpoints. Sacrifice:- 2 Con. 2 wis or cha (whichever is higher).
All is Well:- Swift Action: Mass Heal.
I Will Not Fall:- Free Action: As you are reduced below 1 hitpoint, Heal on yourself.

Words of Heaven:- Requires Words of Creation:- 2 Int, Wis,Cha Sacrifice + 1 for each time you have previously used this ability. Speaking words of holyness that you barely understand, you alter reality as a Wish spell. It cannot be malign or damaging to any living creature – if the interpretation would be such, the ability simply fails and you do not pay the sacrifice cost. The ability is still used, however.

Judgement:- You gain Epic Detect Thoughts to a range of 100 feet (as detect thoughts, but all levels at once, no magical defences function against this, and you must concentrate to distinguish where the thoughts are coming from). This lasts until the end of the scene. In addition, you may implant any non-malign suggestion in one target. They may make a will save at a DC of your Character level + Cha, but only if their total Will save is higher than your number of rightousness abilities x 10. Sacrifice :- 2 int, 2 charisma. Full round action to activate.

Perfect Flow:- Swift action to begin. You gain an additional move action during each round, at Initative 30. This move cannot be more than 30 feet. Lasts one combat or one scene. Sacrifice:- 4 Dex, paid when the ability ends.


Righteousness Powers

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