Mythos Shards


Mythos Shards give you powers of long dead heroes and villains. In order to access them, you must take levels in the specific mythos shard. (They have associated hitdice, save progression, BaB and skill points).

You must also in a way that aligns with the personality of the memories in the Mythos Shard. Each shard – and each level of each shard – has different costs. By spending time examining the shard, you can get a rough idea of what the cost of the next level is, and some idea of the powers.

For example, The Shard of the Seeker aided in performance, but the user could not act modestly (in dress sense or character).

Level One abilities and costs for the shards you currently have:-

Shard of the Flame Angel

Shard of the Inspired

Shard of Darkness Brought into Light

You also have the Relleker Mythos Shard of the Last Emperor, but that works a bit differently. (It’s here for completeness).


General description of Mythos Shards:-

Before the universe was, there was another – The Mythos. It was annihilated. From its fragments,everything you now know was born.

But the stories it was made of could not be so easily vanquished. The memory of the greatest of them sustained itself outside of space and time, and gradually, formed into tiny, almost real shards.

These tore into the universe, bringing back memories of heroes and villains that no longer had ever existed. And with their memories, they brought their power. Perhaps to once again oppose the enemy that destroyed everything they were.

The Shard of the Questgiver. The Shard of the Seeker. The Shard of the Stage. . The Shard of the Blazing Sword. The Shard of the Well of Darkness. The Shard of the Monster. They came first. Their will aided in the end of the Shadow Angel.

The Shard of Darkness brought into Light. The Shard of the Inspired. The Shard of the Flame Angel, The Shard of the Rellekan Emperor. All found themselves within heaven, breaching the impossible exile with ease.

Mythos Shards

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