Haisel's firedamp ( a free bonus spell)

Bonus Spell!


May be memorised as any level of spell. When cast, the air becomes damp, preventing the use of blackpowder. This lasts 1/hour per level. Can be dispelled. Any spellcaster within the effect may make a spellcraft check (DC 20 – spell level) to instantly learn the spell.

Range:- 10 feet static area around the caster at 0 level. (Will not move with you).
1-5 10x Spell level in feet.
5-8 100 x spell level in feet.
9+ Spell Level in miles.

(You won’t start with this, but will learn it so quickly that it’s ok to be here. It’s learnt by being in the presence of any spellcaster that knows it casting a spell.

And while this is techincally suspcicious, it’s actually perfectly trustworthy)


Created by the paladin Haisel during his sojourn in the World of the Tower. Helped by Maria, her perfected and empowered the spell such that it would infect the fundemental weave of magic.

And all of this effort..to make things slightly damp. While it is almost certain that many mages of a less discerning nature than the noble Swordsaint of Hope will have used this to discomfort and annoy, the intended usage is simple – to render the blackpowder weapons used by the Tower Drones useless.

Rumours that Brandis has used this spell to Save Athas are almost entirely false.

Haisel's firedamp ( a free bonus spell)

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