Shah Mat


Denizen of Old Void.

Sword Saint of Defiance

Gunner 25/Fighter 25
Kensai 12/ Hand of Defiance 12

AKA:- Saint of Guns.


Shah Mat is old – older than the Gestalt, and possibly even older than the Mythos before it. On the occasions he has spoken of it, he talks of an area of Void somehow distinct from the force of oblivion that engulfed the Mythos, a void not of destruction but of creation.

It is long gone now. During the end of the Mythos, he fought against the Tower on the walls of Dreamkeep (and is one of the few to ever leave it), along with his great love Satelles. As Void receeded and the worlds realigned under Anywnn’s influence, Satelles and Shah Mat both were cast into the newly forming worlds.

He claims to have woken only recently, finding himself on the World of the Magistracy. During a battle with the Tower, Daeriel chose to empower him.

No one’s really sure why. Frankly, he’s a bit of an asshole.

Shah Mat

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