Malachii, The Shadow Angel


Shadow Angel (fallen Astral Deva)
Fighter 30
Fallen Paladin 10, Kensai 20.



A name that caused the universe to shudder, Malachii fell to Law aeons ago. Using the advantages given him by Cauldron, he made war on all of existence, seeking to unify it under him. He claimed this was to oppose some greater threat.

In his quest to conquer all of existence, he fought gods, angels, demons and Powers. He duelled the legendary Marius within Krynnspace, killing the unkillable. Outside of Celestia’s gate, he killed Heironeous in single combat. In Arboria, he imprisoned his own ally, the goddess Shar, within his sword.

His armies conquered most of the Prime, ended the Blood War and forced hell into servitude. They laid siege to Sigil and nearly took it. Only the very outskirts of existence were entirely spared his wrath, while within the core, only Athas and Earth were not invaded.
It is not known to heaven how many worlds died.

And then, apparently, he died, to the combined force of the psionic Apocalypse Dragonflight.
His armies, bereft of both his Shadow Powers and the destroyed Cauldron, fell apart. All across existence, guerrilla fighters and exiled armies rallied, cutting apart the demoralised Aurorans that Malachii had led across the universe.

But Malachii did not die outside of Sigil. He withdrew, hid in Shadow, and built a subtler power.

And had it not been for a small group of variably competant heroes, he would have suceeded, and all of the universe would have thought his thoughts, marched to his beat.

Malachii, The Shadow Angel

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