Lady Daeriel, Swordsaint of Heroism and Goddess of Adventurers.


Rank 16 Greater Goddess of Adventurers, Sword Saint of Heroism.
Influence:- Adventurers, Devoted Warriors, Paladins, explorers.

Domains:- Protection, Healing, War.

“Bring Light into the Darkest Places”.
“Bring freedom to the imprisoned”.

Daeriel requires her followers to aid in the rescue of other followers of Daeriel that have been imprisoned. She considers herself bound by this as well, although since the return of heaven, older gods have told her to stop it.

Famous Followers:-
The Swordsaints:-
Ana’lathe, Sword Saint of Devotion.
Brandis, Sword Saint of Freedom.
Ciele:- Sword Saint of Joy.
Tara, Goddess of Friendship:- Sword Saint of Loyalty
Haisel, Sword Saint of Hope.
Shah Mat, Sword Saint of Defiance (Or, in his words “Fucking the universe in the face”)
(Taniel Malachii, Sword Saint of Will. Everyone REALLY REALLY REALLY hopes he’s deceased)


Daeriel was born during the destruction of a prime matieral world. She has never found the cause of her world’s destruction, but knows that Heironeous saved her. She served him loyally ever since.

It has been theorised that she is the daughter of Heironeous, but she has not commented, and perhaps does not know herself.

During her ceaseless crusades to serve the Lord of Paladins, many saw not her father, but her influence, and began to worship her. While she tried to prevent this as often as she could, it was far beyond the resources of one elf to stop – especially since she was far more concerned with fighting evil than dealing with her own cult.

During an assault on hell, she was imprisoned – briefly – by Fierna. She does not speak of this time, but hates Fierna with a worrying strength. She was freed by the upsurge in faith among her followers deifying her in part, along with the aggressive assualt upon hell by the paladin Haisel.

On returning to Celestia, she ignored the..requests..of many elder gods (notably not including her father) and continued directly interfereing in the affairs of mortals. She also saw no contradiction between her paladin vows and a certain sneaky improvisation.

Eventually, she joined with the recently empowered Saint Latimer – a god of Knowledge Shared – and Lord Andronicus – A celestial general made God of Nobility. With them, she was blinded absorbing a strange fungus praying on the central core of a planet, infiltrated Dis and defeated the first Klurichir.

She felt heavily responsible for events on Cauldron:- Malachi had been one of her followers, and defied her to enter the demiplane. She eventually intervened directly, descending to the plane herself. This is perhaps all that saved her. Trapped on Cauldron, she was not present when Malachii destroyed heaven, and so was able to keep alive the last spark of Good in the universe.

She is also known as The Saint of Swords, Fire from the Night Sky, Lightning’s Song, and The patron of those forced to adventure in inappropriate armour.

Lady Daeriel, Swordsaint of Heroism and Goddess of Adventurers.

Gestalt:- Army of Light AlastairMeek