Daughter of Hextor


Infernal Monk.


It is perhaps best not to inquire over much about the elf maid that was Korae’s mother – if nothing else, because legend records that Razor had a lot to do with procuring her. Indeed, it is entirely possible that this service is what gained the then nascent godling his patronage by the lord of Tyranny.

That is, of course, assuming that Korae’s parentage is accurate. It is certainly genuinly believed that her father is Hextor, and there is nothing to indicate it’s not true. But surely the daughter of a God should have far more power than the half elven girl has demonstrated?

Still, regardless of the truth of her parentage, what is known is that she was found as an infant on a Prime world – by of all things, a Deathless Lich. This enlightened man – an Adelphos, if the legend is to be believed – taught her to control her base instincts, and did everything he could to draw away from the well of evil he saw in her soul. Although it went against everything the old man believed, this including teaching her to abhore authority.

When she left her ‘father’ Adelphos, the young girl travelled throughout the planes. She began her explorations during Malachii’s shadow war, and so saw first hand the twilight of the planes. In some places, she acted to hasten it, but it is said that as she travelled further, she acted more and more to try and hold back the darkness. During this time, she was supposedly slain several times, most notably by the Knight of the Last Dawn – almost certainly the last paladin born within the areas affected by Malachii.

She was known to be present on Faerun during the accidental destruction of that plane. She was present during the Devilish assault on hell, and is known to have fought in the battle of the Last Gate, although which side she fought for is not known. Due to time differentials, fought against Malachi’s Shadow Armies during the Last Day of Eberron.

There, she was found by an agent of Hextor, and dragged – literally, the few survivors of the fall of Eberron have related seeing spiked chains wrapping themselves around her throat, limbs, and body – into Hextor’s domain.

Since then, she has been seen only a few times. Each time, an opponent of Hextor’s has been destroyed. With the sole exception of Kourkoran, she caused more damage to the plans of the Children of Heironeous than any other, personally destroying twenty of their temples.

It is not known why she was not used against the Temple of Light’s Hope.


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