Keriath Ap Rhi Maelrhyth

Ancient Gold Dragon, King of Maelrhyss


Ancient ++ Gold Dragon.

Paladin X, Rogue X. Artificer 10. Dragon Ascendant, (creator of) Blade of Flame in Shadow 10.

Ruler of Maelrhyss.


The Now and Future Draconic King of Maelrhyss, last true child of the dragon Maelrhyss. Keriath is a gold dragon of truely ancient years.Despite his advanced age, he has maintained his youthful outlook, seeing reason to look beyond his own kin and kingdom.

While he has certainly come close to losing hope many times during Heaven’s Long Exile – and the death of all of his kin outside of the similarly hidden Maelrhyss – his faith and joy have recently been restored.

Spends almost all of his time in the form of a teenaged male half elf.

Keriath Ap Rhi Maelrhyth

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