Hatchling, God of Children and Dinosaurs


Rank 10 God


Hatchling was once a simple raptor – but he followed his companion Tara after the strange blindfolded woman, and then things all changed for him. Like many, planeshifting altered him, but for HAtchling, the change was somethign more primal.

Still, he realised very little of this – indeed, to most, his capabilities were entirely unknown until the lich Saevas made the mistake of kidnapping Tara, Hatchling’s “Blue Mother”. Utterly singleminded, the young Veloraptor tracked his friend (with the aid of Spirit Bat and Metal Hatchling) through a city being destroyed, across the planes, and even into Sigil, the city at the heart of everything. Here, Hatchling got assaulted by fiends and the Mercykillers, but neverthelless continued his self imposed mission to find his mother.

Eventually, he decided he needed help to do so, and returned to his home, rounded up his kin, and returned to break the stalemate between Tara’s love for Matarr and Saevas’ irresitable commands. The ancient Lich was ready for almost anything – but not a raptorpile.

Later, Hatchling followed Blue Mother and Ill Sister – Matarr – even to the very centre of all things. Here, he found Malachii – Tasteless Bird – controlled everyone’s minds! Seeing this, he lept, through all of impossibility, and he and his friends landed on Malachii, breaking the hold he had on Tara.

..and at the end of all of this, he was in the centre when Celestia was freed. Struck by the same power that struck Tara and the others. And something in him, something sleeping..responded. Something awoke.

Hatchling thought to himself that as a child, people had taken his mother away. Hatchling thought to himself that this had made him sad. People had tried to hurt him, had hurt Ill Sister. And Hatchling realised that he should help others being hurt.

Hatchling may have ascended to godhood, but that didn’t alter his relatively simple view of things.

And so he became the God of Children. But being what he was, he maintained an intrinsic connection to his race.

And so it was, that across the planes, in thousands of places were children were abused, a new power made itself felt. In dark orphanages, in sad and broken bedrooms and places of young tears, power pooled. And before their abusers, scales and claws roared.

And in the mind of a Dark Elf, lost and adrift since the Death of her Goddess, a new message rang. The master of the Orphans had a new mission, and a new god. Raptor spoke to the Shadow Huntress Aeylliss, and she became his paladin.

Hatchling, God of Children and Dinosaurs

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