Infernal Mage, brother to the Hekatonkhire


DC 20:- Weak against cold.
Can summon both devils and demons to his aid.
Tends to summon a powerful succubus monk/warlock.

DC 30:- Tends to retreat from battle before death.


DC20:- Briarius is an oddity among the legions of hell – he was born mortal. Very few knew how he ascended to become a ranking member of hell’s nobility.

Long ago, he lived on Faerun. During the Year of Rogue Dragons, he first fought, then befriended, then eventually betrayed an ancient red dragon, whose name has long since been forgotten. Something he learnt from this dragon catapulted him from a reasonably accomplished mortal mage to a power in his own right.

Some time after the (final) destruction of Hellgate Keep, he and an army of infernal minions swept down into the Dalelands. They fought against Dalesmen, Cormyite and Zhentilar without any real distinction, dragging many back to be sacrificed. Succubus, Faeyri and Erinyes were sent to bring back picked targets from further afield – all spellcasters.

It was never determined why he was doing this. Malachii’s Shadow War interrupted whatever plans the once-human had.

DC – 30. The red dragon was a Disciple of Ashardalon. Brierius ripped out the Balor at the dragon’s hear and merged with it himself.
The spellcasters he took were mostly clerics of Chaav, Sharess, and Llira. Oddly, a number of followers of Llira and Razor were taken. Two wandering followers of Daeriel were repeatedly targetted, much to their irritation.

DC35:- Uses clone effects to try to ensure that even death doesn’t stop him.
Said succubus is actually a pair of twins that have trained themselves to – in combination with mirror image – appear to be one opponent.

DC – 35. The ritual imbued him with a minor – very, very minor – form of divinity. While not even on the level of a quasi deity, it is enough to allow him to operate in the presence of Powers without quailing.

Part of the events that led to stopping the ritual also banished him from Faerun – he almost certainly could not return for more than a handful of minutes in a century.


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