Swordsaint of Freedom, King of the Tablelands


Brandis was born on the dying world of Athas. From the moment of his birth he was the slave of Kalak, the Sorcerer King of Tyr. Being a Mul (Half Dwarf), Brandis was trained from the day he could stand to fight. In the Gladiator school of Tyr, Brandis was pushed beyond the limits of even most Athasians until he was 16. Then he was thrown into the great Arena of Tyr to fight. He was soon a crowd favourite but before he could earn his freedom he was transferred into Tyr’s slave army to fight the forces of Dregoth, a powerful sorcerer who had joined Malachii.

The forces of Athas were almost defeated, then the hordes of the Kreen Empire joined the fight on the side of the Athasians. With their aid Dregoth was crushed, but the Athasian tablelands were in chaos. Brandis had survived, but he was still a slave. That changed when an agent from Light’s Dawn approached him and offered a chance for freedom and an escape from his dying world. Brandis accepted.

He was transported to Light’s Dawn, there he met the adventurer’s that would become his companions in the final battle against Malachii. He devoted himself to the Goddess Daeriel and for several years enjoyed the training and learning he received from her followers.

Once he was Initiated into Light’s Dawn he and the other adventurers were sent out to seek an ancient weapon in the town of Blackbrook. While in Blackbrook the adventures ran into some trouble with the authorities. Upon hearing of a monster destroying the outlying settlements they left Blackbrook and journeyed to face it. It turned out to be a monstrous Basilisk. It was eventually defeated but Brandis’ sword, Sasha, was destroyed. Shortly after this a companion of the adventurers was incapacitated and sent back to Light’s Dawn. She gave Brandis her magical sword, Ashkandi, before she left.

Upon the adventurer’s return to Blackbrook they were captured by the authorities and put under a powerful geas. This forced them to help the evil magistrate of Blackbrook. He commanded them to explore a mine, at the bottom of which was the ancient weapon, and report back their findings. The weapon was the ancient Maelrhyssian flagship, The Dirge. There were also a number of Mythos shards, one of which would be used by Brandis to great effect in the future, but which at the time belonged to Shenanigans the halfing. Fortunately due to Brandis exploiting his Athasian background the magistrate did not discover these treasures, as Brandis had included every piece of iron in the mine as something of value and listed them individually.

Their next task was to deal with a Barbarian Horde that was approaching the town. When the party arrived at the barbarian camp it was run by a group of evil creatures, however several of the human barbarians were friends of the group and, with their aid, they took control of the horde. Several of the shamans claimed to be able to lift the geas if the adventurers were willing to make a spirit journey. They all accepted.

In his spirit journey Brandis met Daeriel. She healed him of the darkness that had filled his heart since Athas and restored his body which was stunted by sorcery. She then allowed him to become one of her Kensai. To do so Brandis took an oath to free the enslaved wherever he encountered them. After doing this Daeriel combined the spirit of his old sword, Sasha, with that of his new one, Ashkandi. This transformed Ashkandi into a moonblade that would become more powerful with each generation of Brandis’ line who wielded it. To complete his journey Brandis was forced to face his rage and learn to control it. After a great struggle he eventually succeeded.

Upon their return to Blackbrook the adventurer’s led the assault. They defeated the corrupt magistrate and took control of the city. At this point they encountered a powerful item known as the deck of many things. It transformed Shenanigans into a female Astral Deva and it granted Brandis a title and lands on Athas. After this they outlawed slavery and founded a university. They had control of the city for several months until an order of paladins known as the greyswords arrived to re-establish law in the city. The other Daerielite in the group, Tara, disappeared a short time later having been mind controlled by a Saevus. By the time the group realised that there was a problem Tara was long gone. Upon attempting to search for her with the newly liberated Dirge, the ship flew to Light’s Dawn apparently of its own will. There it defeated the army of hell that was assaulting the cathedral. In the aftermath of the battle Brandis claimed a psi-stone of the first apocalypse dragon and became a half apocalypse dragon in an attempt to gain power to defeat Saevus. It was at this point that Shen gave Brandis the Mythos Shard of the Seeker

The group eventually freed Tara then tracked down and defeated Saevus. Upon the group’s return from Saevus’ realm time had advanced 100 years, roughly. The group defended the now independent Blackbrook from the forces of the Magistracy, eventually defeating the first Magistrate. After this they realised that Malachii was attempting to control the minds of everyone in existence. The group travelled to the centre to attempt to stop him but were unable to bypass his Shadow army. At this point they decided to seek help. Brandis used the Dirge to return to Athas. This was done by launching him through the Crystal Sphere of Athas from one of the Dirge’s Torpedo bays. Although he was killed by his entry to Athas, the shard of the seeker raised him.

Once upon Athas he was captured by the forces of Kalak. Kalak killed him and had him thrown out of the city, however the shard of the seeker raised him once again. Brandis voluntarily entered the the gladiatorial arena in Tyr as a contestant in an attempt to win the hearts of the people. He became the champion, even defeating the personal champion of Kalak. It was at this point that he attempted to start a rebellion, he failed and Kalak buried him in lava which soon hardened to basalt. He was once again raised by the shard but was trapped underground until he was excavated by agents of the Veiled Alliance. With their aid he was able insight a successful rebellion and overthrow Kalak. Once he was King of Tyr he started his plan to conquer the tablelands. He allied himself with three of the other Sorcerer Kings and was able to overthrow the others. Upon the Dirge’s return he had a large skilled army assembled to fight Malachii.

In the final battle against Malachii’s forces, Brandis saw his army decimated by the shadows. By the time the group reached Malachii only one of the Sorcerer Kings and a handful of gladiators was left. In the fight against Malachii Brandis was almost obliterated by the power of Malachii’s sword before Tara released primordial shadow from within it. At this point the remaining Gods fought Primordial Shadow while the group fought Malachii. Malachii eventually fell. When the shock-wave from Daeriel’s final attack hit the group it was Brandis who grabbed the legendary scale of the Sunworm to absorb it safely.

When the heavens were released Brandis was told not to take the Divine power that would grant him Godhood as he still had a mortal destiny. While his friends ascended and became deities, Brandis spent time among the newly released Celestials, shortly afterwards marrying one. Before his child, Danara, was born Brandis received word that his kingdom was in trouble. He left his wife and unborn child to travel to Athas. Danara was born in an area of faster time and was able to catch up to Brandis before he left, but Brandis would not take her with him as the only way out of Athas was about to collapse and he was not willing to trap those he loved on his dying world. Brandis returned to Athas and prepared his kingdom for the onslaught of the Kreen. He is without his sword or his Goddess, his enemy is without number and his people are few. But he is determined to win.


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