Swordsaint of Devotion

Sword Sage 10, Eternal Champion 10/ Sorceror 20
Master of Nine 4/ Tower Hunter 4

Bears the Legacy Weapon “Phoenix Sun and Phoenix Shadow”.


Ana’lathe Ys Phiarlan was born on Eberron nearly 30 years before it was destroyed. He spent much of that time in secretive training, returning when his teacher felt he was a master of his craft.

Tragically for the young elf, this was barely a day before Malachi’s shadow forces reached Eberron. Desperately joining the fight against the traitorours Lord of Blades, Ana’lathe cut a part towards his father and the last stand of House Phiarlan – only to see a Shadow Angel manifest, killing his father and sister.

During the Last Day, Ana’lathe was one of the volunteers who stayed on Eberron as it collapsed into Shadow. His blades and fury allowed hundreds to escape to the Dream Constructed New Eberron. Only as the last of the realm began decaying into ultimate entropy did he allow his grip on conciousness to fade.

The last he saw of Eberron’s sky was eclipsed by a blue haired, blindfold woman.

Saved by Oracle and empowered by Daeriel, Ana’lathe joined the other forces of the children of Heironyeous. Although many of them mock him for this braid, he keeps it meticulously and with incredibly care. Only to Ciele did he confide that it is a mark of childhood, and only a member of his house should have the right to remove it.

He affects that he is not damaged by the fall of his world, disguising it with vanity, light heartedness, and constant flirting.

The truth of the matter is that were it not for his growing love of Ciele, Ana’lathe would have long since given up.


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