Gestalt:- Army of Light

The Cost of Rage, Part 2

The group entered into Fiernas palace, and made a safe camp to rest from their battles across Phlegethos. Waking in the morning, they found Lyrus gone, and the large Mythos Shard with him.

Exploring Fierna’s palace, a number of fiendish strongpoints were found and avoided, but eventually they managed to naviagate the massive, opulant structure to find the gate chamber. To the suprise of all, it was occupied by the surviving Eladrin of Raziel’s army. Led by Seshiel, they had removed themselves from the impossible situation Raziel had placed himself in on Cania.

Joined by the Eladrin Constance, they resolved to follow their orders and get the Triumvirate to Raziel. Heading to the frigid Cania, where it was immidiately obvious the Celestial Host was pinned down and broken – thousands of devils swarmed the air, but seemed content to leave the Celestials to freeze. In the distance, an immense chain covered Siege Hand slowly crawled away – HExtor’s domain.

Entering the Celestial Camp, the group did what they could to speed the healing, but quickly headed towards the hand. Scouting it quickly, it became obvious that any form of assault was foolish at best – Kyton stood hundreds deep around the edges. There were a number of postern gates leading into the hand itself, but these were sealed shut, and Constance informed the group that the chains themselves were quite capable of defending the hand. At the front, however, the gates inside had been melted through. The only problem with using them was the army of Kytons and their Pit Fiend overseers.

Lacking anyone specialised in subterfuge, they did their best. Keirna summoned Zariel’s armour, and used the evil aura to pretend to be an emissary from Asmodeus. Echo disguised himself as an undead minion, while Danara and Constance mimed captivity. Landing, Keirna attmepted to browbeat the Pit Fiend Captain into giving them entry.

This he did, although in retrospect, it was quite obvious that he wasn’t fooled in the slightest.

Inside the gates, and infinity of immense chains waited, all leading to an imposing citadel. Below them, on another chain ,was the evidence of Raziel’s assault – a broken path of devils and the occasional angel. Following theirs into the citadel, the group found themselves in a throne room (one of, it turns out, a lot that Hextor maintains). Chained to the floor was the Half elf that Briarius had been fighting – Korae, while the heads of several of the Lords of Hell dangled from the ceiling.

After a time spent gloating, Hextor unleased the reformed Korkoran (Slain by Brandis at the battle of Light’s Hope) and forced Korae to attack the group. Korkoran fell easily to the party, but Korae was a rather more daunting proposition. Despite her obvious efforts to make herself miss and pull blows, the sheer power difference between her and the celestials was immense.

That changed when Echo cast Heart’s Ease on her, briefly weakening Hextor’s hold on her. Taking advantage of this, Danara spoke movingly of the power of friendship to overcome, and the others offered their support.

Still, while Korae was putting up a heroic effort, this itself would never be enough. Keirna, pitting the inventiveness of mortals against the pure, manfested will of a greater god, fired her railgun into the chain around Korae’s neck.

No mortal force should be able to dent that chain. It was forged from the iron will of the Lord of Tyranny. Those chains had resisted god like power. But against one critical mortal shot…the will of a god failed. The chain gave. It did not break, but a link snapped.

And from that, Korae was released enough to fight back against the forces compelling her. The group was able to find her controllers hiding behind the walls, and with their will compelled by Echo’s power, undefended they were easy prey. Freed from physical control, fighting the will of her divine father, Korae was unfettered, but exhausted. Having done all they could for her, the group pressed on towards Raziel.

They found him and his few remaining bodyguards engaged in a battle with Hextor’s guard. The Lord of Tyranny sat on another throne, while ahead of him stood the flaming man last seen in Dis, and another, deliberately calm man next to him. The Sins of Devastation and Wrath.

Despite Echo’s comment that they were flies with no chance, despite all trepidations, the party lept into the fray. The Triumvirate close for Raziel to draw on its power, the Fist of Heaven called forth the sword. Even sheathed, its power was nearly enough to blast Keirna out of existence. The pit fiends were not so lucky.

The Sins stepped foward. Devastation into combat with Raziel, and Wrath to the party, where he simply talked. He informed them he was required to offer them the chance to join, although he would prefer they did not. As they duly refused, he faded back to his original position by the throne…in time to see Devastation punch through Raziel.

The shockwave of that one punch blasted across the room, scything down the group, casting them broken to the chain floor of Hextor’s fortress.


I know we actually went further than that, but Dreamkeep really is a seperate episode.

The Cost of Rage, Part 2

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