Gestalt:- Army of Light

The Cost of Rage, Part 1

After reading Ramzazael’s notes on the Sealed Triumvirate, Danara terrifiedly confided in Keirna. They both decided to keep this information from the other celestials, due to Raziel’s ability to command Celestial obeidience. Besides, they had a more current concern – how to remove the power of the third piece while not dooming the good souls present to a return to their tortured existence in hell. Eventually, Keirna, Danara, and Lyrus bound them into the Sealed Triumvirate itself, preserving them and the Celestial City (as well as all of its precious, precious cabbage fields.

This collapsed the shield, allowing them to leave – After something of an argument, they returned to Avernus again to check in with Borael (and to gain time to think). After Lyrus and Echo continually tried to pry whatever Danara was hiding from her – including direct attempts at mind control from the erratic bard – they went before the Throne Archon and asked his advice. He read Danara’s mind, saw her worry and advised her to trust her companions.

This eventually she did, revealing under incredibly magical protections what exactly was bound in the Sealed Triumvirate. Not only were the weapons of heaven bound within, but also an unknown number of Hekatonkhire – Briarius’ brothers – and perhaps worse still, the ‘Angels of Genocide’.

Lacking real options, they eventually descended through hell again, finding themselves in Phlegethos – a layer of burning ash, magma and scoured rock. At a small encampment left behind to secure the gate, they were informed of the difficulties all Celestials had with connecting to heaven this far down in hell, and were each given a scroll allowing them to overlay hell with the Prime Material – and advised that once used, they could not be replaced. Worse, they were informed that hell had unleashed incredibly powerful creatures to cut Raziel’s supply lines, and if they wanted to join the front, they should be careful.

They decided that the best way to do this was for Keirna to take on her dragon form and fly. Unsuprisingly, this attracted quite a lot of attention – including Duchess Hadriel and her pet creature, a seven headed monstrousity frequently refered to in apocalyptic texts. Attempting to fight it in hell proved swiftly futile as it simply ignored the best of the group’s attacks, so Keirna used Lyrus’ scroll to overlay them onto a Prime world – specifically, several miles up and falling.

After a brief worry, it was realised that the overlay would expire long before they’d hit the ground ,and more pertinantly, the Herald had no way of flying. Even with this disadvantage, it put up a significant fight, tearing into the party with a variety of terrifying breath attacks – and physically into Lyrus, who insisted on moving up to the creature. Eventually, it was dispatched, although not before Echo was nearly obliterated and saved only by the power of Danara’s friendship – and not before Tezzerich made another of his warned appearances. This was less than effective, as all it seemed to do was delay Lyrus’ ability to teleport and make him slightly older.

As the overlay ended, the beast smashed into the fractured landscape of Phlegethos, and was duly looted. Everyone continued, once again flying. In response to the attention this engendered, Lyrus turned into an imp, was swatted by the unthinking reflex of Keirna…who in turn was hit by Lyrus’ contingencies. Despite this altercation not adding any extra attention to them, everyone swiftly decided to be stealthy – especially Echo, who had by now somehow perfected his ability to pretend to be a cloud.

Arriving at Fierna’s – the lord of the layer – palace, they found it shattered and broken by Raziel’s army. However, at the gate, they were met by a strangely attractive doll girl. Danara recognised her from her father’s stories, and Lyrus was able to tell everyone that this was the Sin of Lust, Tori – a traitorous lord of the Tower who had helped the heroes that killed Malachii, and had been given a new body in return. She accidentally tried to mind control him, but it was weak and half hearted, so he easily shrugged off the compulsion.

She warned them that her brothers Wrath and Devastation were active in hell, and that she’d had to rescue Fierna from Raziel for an unspecified reason. She also warned them that she’d figured out how to return all the Mythos Shards to reality….and gave them a gift – a Shard at least three times the size of any they had encountered so far. Looking into this shards, the only story that could be seen was that of an entire universe, expanded, growing, flaring into life and..then being gradually consumed by nothing. The only sense from overriding, slow rage.


Apologies for this one going up so late.

The Cost of Rage, Part 1

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