Gestalt:- Army of Light

Return of the Light

It was quickly decided that extracting the Celestial Host from the trap in Hell was of utmost importance. So the group entered the mirror showing Hextor’s throne room.

Aided by a rather foolish priest of Hextor, the party were guided to Pistis Sophia’s prison. Here, they found Briarius, who offered them a deal. He would open the door for them – a door he believed none of them had the means to open – and in return, Danara would release his brothers from the Sealed Triumvirate.

Eventually, Danara agreed, assuming that there were only two Hekatonkhire imprisioned. This was not the case, as nearly a hundred manifested around him, making the infinite realm of chains seem crowded.

Briarius kept his word, and opened the door. By casting a simple spell. He, and the Hekatonkhire disappeared (after various attempts by the group to enlist his aid against the Tower had been met with incomphrension).

The group burst into Sophia’s prison and rescued her suprisingly easily. Carrying her back towards the exit, they met Raziel, who was barely concious (obviously kept going only by pride). Keirna transformed into her draconic form, carried Sophia and requested that Raziel guard his sister by sitting on her back. This appeased his angelic pride (otherwise he’d likely have flown himself to death).

Outside, the Celestial Host was finally under attack by the denizens of hell that had been tormenting them. Lacking any other options, they were being slaughtered in their thousands. Diving towards them, the group used their scrolls of transference to attempt to get the Celestials into areas they could access their powers. This backfired slightly, as two of them ended up in a mortal city – along with vast parts of the army of heaven, but more importantly, huge numbers of the forces of hell.

Worse, when the transference ended, all of the mortals in the area were pulled back with the angels and devils.

However, all was not lost, as Keirna (perhaps due to some ancient pact with MAelrhyss) had been returned to her home. Spreading the word swiftly across the City of the Silver Wing, when she returned, she brought with her several regiments of Skyguard and nearly a hundred dragons. Not enough in themselves to seriously impact the forces of hell, the Maelrhyssians were able to cover the retreat sufficently that the forces of heaven could retreat from Cania -and even allowed for enough order that most of the mortals could be kept alive in the subarctic temperatures.

Retreating through the portal, the fleeing angels ran into the welcome arms of the fortified Eladrin courts under Seshiel. Able to rest and recuperate (to a degree), the Celestial Host slowly retreats across hell- seldom challenged, as the Fourth layer is erupting in a civil war between Hextor’s forces and those still loyal to Fierna. More of a challenge awaits on the second, but by this point, the armies are well organised again and can cut their way back to Avernus, reuinte with the half of the host left to hold that layer…and freedom.



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