Gestalt:- Army of Light

End of Stories, part 1

On the return to Dreamkeep, the group seperated to their city lives. Keirna promoted a number of apprentices to Journeymen in their own right, Constance’s school finally lived down the the card game scandal, and Danara even managed to attend a lecture.

But something was wrong. Tekeral had not been seen for a long time, by anyone, and on investigating, they found his sword shackled to the base of his tower by strange black vines that seemed to simply absorb anything they could possibly throw at them. These swiftly spread to engulf more and more of the city and its inhabitants, with very few even being able to percieve them. The largest grouping had spread from Echo’s Asylum. Echo’s long absence was explained….

These vines seemed to be interfering with the natural functioning of the city. The perfect direction simply ceased to work, and in the Courts of the Exiled and Forgotten, people began remembering. It was only a matter of time before the city’s ability to keep its different perspectives and roles seperated was comprimised. But before this could occur, an order was issued for the arrest and execution of Maria – the daughter of Marius and the bearer of The Silver and Razor, one of the tiny handful who had survived in the world of the Tower.

And to make matters even worse, the order had come from an imposter claiming to be Tekeral. Despite Keirna’s assault on him, he could not be prevented from killing Maria. And as she died, the city’s gates opened to the infinite armies of Tower Forces outside the walls.

Unopposed, the Tower marched into the dying Dreamkeep.

With the last of its energy, the city opened one last mirror. But with Dreamkeep’s death, the stability of the mirror fractured, and they arrived long after the Tower’s ultimate victory, after even time itself ended.

Finding themselves in an impossible cloud of dust, the party flew above to see where they had ended up. Keirna reacted first to the impression of a broken city with a library extending out from it, framed by the broken and shattered Spire at the centre of great wheel. Enraged, Keirna flew into the ruin of the City of the Silver Wing, the heart of Maelrhyss.

Flying over the bodies of thousands of defenders to her once-home, Keirna found the pathetic bodies of a small group of kobolds huddled around the music box she had long ago made for them.

Meanwhile, the others entered the city at a rather slower pace, and found themselves witnesses to time lost fragments of the fall of the city. They heard orders given ,and bore witness the desperate actions of heroes. No sight of the attackers was gained.

Outside the ruined bridge to the Great Library, Keirna and the others regrouped – alongside the mountainous body of a dragon larger by far than anything that they could truly grasp. After a shocked pause, Keirna realised that it was the legendary draconic demigod Maelrhyss, the founder of the country bearing her name.

In the library itself, Danara entered the fitful portal to HEaven, finding it a monochrome plane of Ivory, perfect and endless. Outside, a hooded being approached the library, obviously out of time, but nevertheless with existence here.

Shouting with rage, Keirna attacked it. Despite the obvious wounds inflicted, it appeared to not take her seriously, although its mere touch robbed her of her most powerful spells. With a grunt of pain, it duplicated again and again, quickly matching the numbers of the heroes. IT was only when Danara summoned the Rellekhan God Guardian to empower their weapons that the group began to inflict any meaningful damage (God Guardian strategically hiding behind the tower).

In whatever timeline this creature actually existed in, it was assaulted by Korae and Keriath, who suceeded in briefly distracting it, but were quickly slain.

As the hooded youth walked into the tower, Keirna glanced upward, and highlighted against the stationary not-sun, was a brief impression of a humanoid owl. A Guardinal?

The hooded youth disappeared into a wall, ignoring Danara’s last attempts to stop him. Exiting again a moment later, he carried a bright shard in his hand – the Mythos Shard of the Saviour, containing the souls of Malachi and The Sunwyrm. Smiling grimly, the hooded youth absorbed the Shard, detonating a scythe of destruction that cut down everything in MAelrhyss.

Everything except the heroes, as in their timeless timeline, Keirna activated her defensive magics, surrounding the creature with self destructing furballs. This action earnt the heroes a brief look of annoyance, and the swift time locking and imprisioning of Keirna and Constance. Danara was only able to draw her last card, knowing that it could not possibly save them.

And it was not a card she knew. A mass of conflicted and unsettled destiny seethed across the card’s surface. As the hooded youth sprang towards Danara, easily destroying Hope-Lily and Zerato with barely a thought, she poured all the power of both of her the Rellekhan shards into the strange card.

And everything ceased. A strange sense of observation troubled the heroes, including the released Keirna and Constance.

They knew they had a choice to make. One alteration to the timeline….and it had to be enough to prevent this from ever coming to pass.

Looking back across their tasks, they reached out as one, and on Paradisio, Echo decided he could not trust the strange creature he spoke with, did not give him the vine of the soul tree.

And so the timeline unravelled. The heroes had seen the end of everything, and had seen the final evolution of the tower. They’d gained a second chance to stop the Perfect becoming the Sin of Hope.



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