Gestalt:- Army of Light

Awakened Dreams

Awakening from Devastation’s assault, the group found themselves on cobbled streets. An odd man introduced himself as Tekeral, and told them they were in ‘Dreamkeep’. He seemed confused that they were not aware of their roles – apparently everyone summoned into the city should be. He was rather abrupt, warning them that they shouldn’t take anything at face value in the city – a slave could be a demigod. He then disappeared.

Exploring, they found the city possessed of many strangenesses, but that it was largely quite cooperative – it was nearly impossible to get lost, for example. Flight Licenses were acquired, and a guard questioned – he felt that probably the best people to ask about odd summonings were either the university or the fae – the fae being the only people capable of entering and leaving under their own power. While Danara split her time between attending school and trying to get into the Fae Gardens, Keirna set up an Artificery and Echo set up a clinic.

The only interuption to this suprisingly peaceful time was the occasional silent alarm, when all the Powers inhabiting the city would fly to the far East wall and engage in battle. Joining them once, the group observed that the attackers were very obviously part of the Tower, although with warriors and weapons far greater than that deployed so far in their world.

During one of these attacks, the group tried to join in, but were forced back by the city – only to find the south gate being assaulted by Tezzerich. The Sin of Time was shocked when Dreamkeep intervened in the fight, shunting the group into the same fast time as Tezzerich. He responded by sending temporal clones of himself backwards into time, although obviously with little effect – although one sent back to assault Brandis did suceed in denting Ashkandi slightly. He seemed rather offput by his inability to write them out of time, and this doubt strongly affected his ability to fight – leading to his eventual, and suprising defeat.

The city gave no time to rest, however, as everyone was instantly returned to Hextor’s domain, where they faced the brunt of Devestation’s attack – before them, Hope and Zerato revealed briefly absorbed the impossible power of the Sin’s punch, leaving them heavily wounded, but alive – and still occupying Tezzerich’s enhanced time stream. While Devastation glacially prepared for a second punch, they attacked with all the power at their disposal. Despite Echo calling upon the will of heaven to override Devastation’s thoughts – making him scratch an itch – it obviously wouldn’t be enough. And so Danara called forth the Sword of Heaven, giving it to Constance. The power of this weapon very nearly killed Danara, but proved just enough to defeat Devastation….upon which, Dreamkeep drew them back.

To a room ringed with Dreamkeep’s Mirrors



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